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Alert Logic Endpoint Protection Agent Uninstall

Steps to Uninstall

  1. Assess and inventory which Alert Logic services are running in the environment. After itemizing the services, please remove the relevant services according to the following instructions.

  2. Uninstalling Alert Logic agents on Linux

    1. Debian Packages

    2. RPM Packages

  3. Uninstalling Alert Logic agents on Windows

    1. Control Panel

    2. Command Prompt

  4. Uninstalling Alert Logic Extended Endpoint Protection (part of Alert Logic MDR (Managed Detection and Response) Essentials)

    1. First you need to retrieve logs from the system to preserve compliance logging requirements and to make data transfer to other systems a possibility.

    2. Uninstall the agents from your Windows 7, Windows 10, and Mac devices.

    3. Make sure you discontinue the Extended Endpoint Protection service with your Alert Logic representative.

  5. If the customer insists on continuing to utilize Alert Logic's Network Intrusion Detection Services or its WAF (Web Application Firewall), setup log forwarding of those devices per Armor's third-party system logging integration.

  6. If the customer does not want to use either of those services, then:

    1. Uninstall NIDs Alert Logic Threat Manager appliance from the environment.

    2. Uninstall WAF

  7. Contact your Alert Logic Representative, confirm all agents, devices and appliances have been uninstalled and request cancelation of the billing of those services.

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