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Armor API Guide

Armor offers a RESTful HTTP service called the Armor API. This API system allows you to fully access the Armor Management Portal (AMP) via JSON data formats, which allows you to programmatically manage elements of your AMP account.

This guide applies to both Armor Enterprise Cloud and Armor Anywhere users.

For users referencing, Legacy documentation refers to Anywhere Agent 2.X and v2 documentation refers to Anywhere Agent 3.0. The difference between the two being that Agent 2.X was a monolithic application and Agent 3.0 is based on micro-services.

Learn about the Armor API Basics

To learn about the Armor API request methods and object-type definitions, see Learn About Armor API.

Webhook Tagging

To learn more about Webhook Tagging, see the article here.


To learn how to access the Armor API using the available authentication methods, see Authentication.

Access the Interactive Armor API

The interactive Armor API tool, powered by Swagger, is a cloud-based tool used to build, deploy, and document APIs. You can use this tool to review the API calls, as well as implement the calls.

Access the interactive Armor API tool at

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