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Dashboards & Reporting


Understanding your cybersecurity and risk posture is critical. Armor’s included library of dashboards and reports, and our consultative review process makes this easy. In addition to our out-of-the-box library, Armor can work with you to understand your specific requirements and develop custom dashboards and reports that meet those needs.

Standard Dashboards

With every XDR deployment, Armor deploys our library of out-of-the-box analytics workbooks that provide the building blocks for dashboards to help you understand the key tactical activities that will have the biggest positive impact on your security and risk postures.

Armor will work with you to understand your specific needs during the deployment of the XDR solution and provide an in-depth tour of the analytics packages available to you and how to use them.

Custom Dashboards and Workbooks

In addition to our out-of-the-box library, Professional and Enterprise subscribers can request custom dashboards and analytics workbooks as an included part of their subscription. Armor will work with you to determine the security outcome you’re looking to satisfy with additional custom analytics, and build custom workbooks or reports that provide the necessary insights to deliver that outcome.


In addition to the self-service, on-demand reports and analytics that are available to you as part of your XDR subscription, Armor can provide regular, automated point-in-time reporting. These can be delivered via email, delivered to a cloud storage account, or both.

Standard Reports

A standard operational report is included (on an opt-in basis) to all XDR subscribers. This includes basic details about the status and condition of your XDR deployment, as well as any operational items, such as incident trends and response statistics (if you’re also a SOC customer).

Executive Business Reviews

Additionally, Professional and Enterprise customers will also receive an Executive Business Review (EBR) session on a quarterly or monthly basis respectively. In this session a solutions consultant and your account management team will present tactical insights and strategic guidance on how you can improve your security and risk posture, and answer any questions you have about the deployment.

These are also great opportunities to set targets, align initiatives, and explore opportunities to ensure that Armor is providing the most possible support for your business goals.

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