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Getting Started

Use Cases

Critical System Lockdown and Application Control

Lock down servers, critical systems and fixed-function devices for increased control and visibility.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenge: Lack of visibility and control

Solution: A single agent to promote simplification, App Control ensures that only trusted and approved software is allowed to execute on an organization’s critical systems and endpoints.

Gain higher levels of control and visibility while eliminating unplanned downtime of critical systems.

Challenge: Legacy systems running unsupported operating systems

Solution: Preventing unwanted system configuration changes, App Control can harden your new and legacy systems against all unwanted changes, simplify the compliance process, and provide enhanced protection for corporate systems at enterprise scale.

Achieve all these benefits with ease and greater efficiency.

Challenge: Fragmented solutions and approaches

Solution: Protecting new and legacy systems, App Control combines application allow listing, file integrity monitoring, full-featured device control and memory/tamper protection into a single agent.

Remove the complexity with an intuitive and powerful solution.

Risk and Compliance

Meet industry requirements and prove security control assurance across the cybersecurity kill chain with our endpoint, application and device protection solutions.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenge: Complex auditing processes

Solution: Reduce liability at all levels with IT audit and risk controls that give you the intelligence needed to accelerate gap analyses by nearly eliminating the pre-compliance data gathering process.

Challenge: Gap between security and infrastructure teams

Solution: Ensure a state of continuous compliance by showing that security controls are working effectively and in place following any change in your environment with file integrity monitoring and control.

Challenge: Regulations impacting businesses globally

Solution: Take a positive and prioritized approach to reducing your organization’s attack surface and addressing regulatory gaps with actionable business intelligence needed for board-level security investment decisions.

Sign Up

Customers who want to purchase Endpoint Detection and Response should go to the EDR screen in the Armor Management Portal.

Armor Management Portal

Click Let's Get Started to open the Purchase form.

Using the form, provide the following:

  • Number of licenses requested

  • Company Name

  • Company Address

  • Company Email

  • Admin User

  • Company Phone Number

Then Click Purchase button.

See Purchase Form
example purchase form

Admin User

The identified user will be granted access to select features in the Carbon Black portal. 

Please anticipate a two week turnaround for provisioning licenses and account creation

License Management

Users can review the total number of provisioned EDR licenses in the Armor Management Portal.

To view licenses, navigate to the Usage screen in the Account section of AMP.

Licenses will be displayed in the Security section of the Monthly tab.

example account usage in AMP

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