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Microsoft Teams Collaboration Channel Setup

In addition to the ChatOps tools Armor provides, Armor can collaborate with you and your team via Microsoft Teams shared channels – reducing the overhead and information siloing created by email exchanges.

There are two options for chat collaboration with Teams:

While Teams guest access doesn’t require any configuration in your Microsoft 365/Azure AD settings, it requires that you switch tenants in Teams (or have a separate instance of Teams running) that’s connected to Armor’s tenant.

Teams Direct Connect allows for cross-tenant shared channels (the team and channel will appear in your own tenant), but this requires changes to allow cross-tenant delegation (see above link).

Teams Direct Connect

This option is not yet available. Please contact your customer success manager if you’re interested in receiving early access to this feature.

During the pre-onboarding or onboarding process, you can provide Armor with the name and email address of a Teams administrator from your organization. Armor will create a cross-tenant shared channel and invite that user to join the shared channel.

Once they’ve accepted, they can add additional members from your organization and delegate permission to add additional members as well.

Teams Guest Access

If you are unable to enable the required Azure AD settings, Teams guest access is a secondary option for collaboration. During the pre-onboarding or onboarding process, you can provide Armor with a list of users who will be added as guests to a shared Team. Armor will provision these users and the tenant will appear in those users' lists of available tenants.

We recommend connecting to Teams via the web interface or a separate instance of Teams to prevent needing to switch between tenants to check for messages. Message notifications will not be shown for tenants other than the currently active tenant.

Data Residency on Microsoft Teams

Armor’s Teams tenant resides in the United States. As Armor will be the originating tenant, all data – messages, attachments, meeting recordings, etc. – will be stored in the United States. If you have data sovereignty concerns, please raise these prior to sharing any information via the shared Teams channel.

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