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Network Security Services

Core Web Application Firewall (WAF) Service

For Armor Enterprise Cloud customers, Armor manages a web application firewall (WAF) service to provide detection and protection against various types of malicious application layer attacks. Armor maintains a standard set of curated signatures applied to any customer site that is configured to be inspected by this service. For customers interested in a WAF that is dedicated and/or tuned to their applications specifically, please see the Advanced WAF service in the AMP Marketplace. Please refer to Armor's Service Descriptions for more information about the customer-owned responsibility of that service.

Supported Ciphers

The documentation for the SSL ciphers supported by this service* are found here.

The ciphers listed pertain only to the F5 Networks-based version of this service that launched in Q3 2021. If you are unsure of which version of the Core WAF service you are using, please reach out to Armor Support for assistance.

For users of previous versions of the Core WAF service, Armor supports the following ciphers:




To request that a site be configured for inspection by the Core WAF service, please open a ticket with Armor Support.

Notes about this service

  1. The service inspects traffic on port 443 only. Unencrypted traffic, such as traffic sent over port 80, will not be inspected.

  2. For any site configured for inspection, you will be given a public IP address to use for pointing DNS records to for your site name.

  3. Any public IP address(es) currently assigned to servers for other purposes, such as FTP, should continue to be used for those purposes.

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