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Slack Connect Collaboration Channel Setup

In addition to the ChatOps tools Armor provides, Armor can collaborate with you and your team via Slack Connect shared channels – reducing the overhead and information siloing created by email exchanges.


  • A compatible Slack plan (see “External Collaboration” under Slack plans).

  • A Slack administrator must accept the invitation from Armor.

Creating a Slack Connect Channel

During the pre-onboarding or onboarding process, you can provide Armor with the name and email address of a Slack administrator from your organization. Armor will create a shared channel and invite that user to join the shared channel.

Once they’ve accepted, they can add additional members from your organization and delegate permission to add additional members as well.

Data Residency on Slack Connect

Armor’s Slack organization resides in the United States. If you do not have data residency enabled, all messages, attachments, and search indices will be stored in the US. If you have data residency enabled on your Slack workspace or organization (only available in certain Slack plans), it’s important to note how Slack handles data residency – Armor’s content will be stored in the US, and your content will be stored in the region(s) you’ve selected for your workspace.

See for additional details.

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