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Sophos Endpoint Security Uninstall

Steps to Uninstall

  1. Assess and inventory which Sophos services are running in the environment. After itemizing the services, please remove the relevant services according to the following instructions.

  2. Within the following Sophos documentation, please pay specific attention to service-specific instructions for the following services of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control

    1. Sophos Remote Management System

    2. Sophos Network Threat Protection

    3. Sophos Client Firewall

    4. Sophos Anti-Virus

    5. Sophos AutoUpdate

    6. Sophos Diagnostic Utility

    7. Sophos Exploit Prevention or Sophos CryptoGuard (on a Server)

    8. Sophos Clean

    9. Sophos Patch Agent

    10. Sophos Endpoint Defense

  3. Uninstall Sophos Endpoint Security and Control using command line or batch file

  4. Uninstall Sophos Central Endpoint and Server

  5. Using the terminal to uninstall Sophos AV for MacOS.

    1. Managed by Enterprise Console

    2. Managed by Sophos Central

    3. Managed by Standalone Install

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