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System Prerequisites (Docker Image)

System Prerequisites (Docker Image)

  1. Linux, macOS, or the Windows Subsystem for Linux
  2. Install Docker

Run our Docker image

Ensure the Docker daemon is running. One way of ensuring that the daemon is started is to start Docker Desktop.

# Pull our image
docker pull quantumsec/customer-ci-terraform-azure:latest

# List your Docker containers and obtain the container ID of our image.
docker ps -a

# List and start Docker images.
docker image ls
docker start <IMAGE ID>

# If the state of the container is Exited, you may need to start the container
docker container start <CONTAINER ID>

# Enter an interactive bash in our container
docker exec -it <CONTAINER ID> bash

The following commands will be run in the interactive bash of our docker container

First Setup

We would be installing a text editor.

# Install Vim
sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y vim

# Add `export GPG_TTY=$(tty)` in `~/.bashrc`
vi ~/.bashrc

Set up Github

Connect to github using ssh. Generate new ssh key and add ssh key to your github account.

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