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Troubleshooting Guide

Error Codes

Endpoint Detection and Response will provide information on errors in the form of codes. Please use the table below to reference the Error Code and information on the reasons for errors and suggested solutions including documentation.

Error Code

Reason For Error

Suggested Fix


Configuration is invalid. The specified S3 bucket name doesn't exist

Follow the Quick Start Guide to create an S3 bucket for use by the CBC Event Forwarder


Either: Bucket was created in the wrong region OR The policy is malformed

Ensure that your bucket is created in the same region as the where the Event Forwarder is deployed. Refer to the Event Forwarder and S3 Policy document for policy troubleshooting and configuration instructions


The reason varied depending on the API call

Refer to the individual API call you are making to validate the JSON body


Problem using the specified token to authenticate

Check that your X-Auth-Token matches the format secret_key/api_id and that the values are correct


This could be due to a specified resource could not be found, an incorrect org key in the path, or incorrect permissions on the API key's access level

Verify that you specified the correct values (path, org key, forwarder id, etc.) and your forwarder configuration is using the correct Authentication information

Not all Linux system have events supported. As an example, Amazon Linux is listed CB LiveOps support, not CB Defense support. For more information, please refer to the following documentation.

Carbon Black Status

To check the status of Carbon Black services, please visit

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