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Creating a Service Request

Creating a Service Request Guide

The following is a guide on how to create a Service Request from the Armor Support Portal.

To create a service request, please navigate to our Armor Support Portal.

  1. Click on Service Request to create a service request.

Service Request

For instructions on how to report a suspected incident, read more at Reporting a Suspected Incident.

  1. Select the appropriate request type and in this guide we will be selecting “Rule Request”.

Rule Request

Request TypeDescription
ACL Management RequestRequire assistance to manage your access control list
Vulnerability Scan RequestRequire a fresh vulnerability scan to be performed
Automation RequestRequire assistance with automation (e.g creating an automation playbook to perform data enrichment)
Log Source RequestRequire assistance with log sources (e.g enable Sysmon log ingestion)
Human Penetration Test RequestRequire a qualified human penetration tester to conduct a Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test
Rule RequestRequire assistance with analytic rules (e.g. custom rule to detect for malicious IP interactions)
Threat Hunting RequestRequire assistance for our team to perform a threat hunting exercise
Threat Intelligence ReportRequire assistance for any threat intelligence related issues
  1. Fill up the form

Rule Request Form

  1. Raise this request on behalf of
  2. Summary: e.g. Tune malicious IP interactions rule to reduce false positive
  3. Description
  4. Cloud Provider
  5. Attachment
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