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Notification Preferences

Configure Notification Preferences

As an AMP user, there are three ways to become associated with a ticket:

  1. As an individual user, you created a ticket.

  2. Another individual user shared a ticket with you.

  3. As a member of an organization, a ticket was shared with your organization.

As an individual user associated with a ticket, you will automatically receive email notifications for the ticket. This default configuration will allow you to receive an email for every update related to the ticket.

As a member of an organization, when a support ticket is shared with your organization, you will receive an initial email notification for that ticket; however, to receive future notifications, you must manually subscribe for that particular ticket.

  1. Within the notification email received from the Armor Ticketing System, click View Request.

  2. On the Support Ticket screen, click Get Notifications to subscribe to all future notifications for that particular ticket.

    • To unsubscribe from all future notifications for that particular ticket, click Don't Notify Me.

    • As a member of an organization, this step will not unsubscribe you from future tickets where your organization is added to the ticket. For new tickets, you will always receive an initial ticket notification.

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