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About Organizations

In the Armor Ticketing System, an organization allows you to specify when a group of users should be added to a specific support ticket, based on the subject matter of the ticket. For instance, for a billing-related ticket, you can indicate that members of the Billing organization should be notified. When a support ticket is shared with an organization, all users within the organization will receive an initial email notification; however, the individual user can manage their own notification preferences in the particular ticket.

The Admin role in AMP and the Administrative organization in Tickets are two separate concepts. Admins in AMP do not have access to every ticket, nor do users in the Administrative organization have access to every ticket. As a member of the Administrative organization, you will not receive any additional admin privileges for Tickets; you will simply receive notifications for tickets where the Administrative organization was added.

By default, there are four organizations available in the Armor Management Portal (AMP):

  • Administrative

  • Billing

  • Security

  • Technical

The initial members of the Administrative, Billing, and Technical organizations have been pre-defined in the Armor Management Portal (AMP) to match the users currently assigned to the Admin, Billing, and Technical roles; however, you can add or remove users from these organizations.

Since a Security role does not exist in AMP, the default Security organization does not have any pre-defined members. You will need to manually add members to this organization.

You cannot create a new organization.

Add or Remove An User from An Existing Organization

  1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), in the left-side navigation, click Support.

  2. Click Tickets.

  3. Click Manage Organizations or Organizations.

  4. Select the desired organization.

  5. To add a user, enter and select the name of the user.

    • The change will be automatically saved.

  6. To remove a user, hover over the desired user, and then click the trash icon.

    • The user will no longer receive notifications for future tickets associated with that organization. However, if the individual user already configured to receive notifications for a particular ticket, then the user will still receive notifications for that particular ticket, even if the user has been removed from the organization.

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